The 5 Coolest News Stories Of The Week [May 22-28]

Moving to the futuristic side of consumer tech, Qualcomm gave a glimpse of its updated augmented reality smart glasses. The best part is that the design is not outlandish and actually seems somewhat practical. The in-house Snapdragon XR2 Platform is at the heart of these glasses, while dual micro-OLED 90Hz displays running at FHD resolution handle the content consumption part. The reference design currently lacks the fancy eye-tracking tech, but regardless, low latency seems to be on the menu with these specs. Unfortunately, Qualcomm hasn’t shared any plans about commercial availability, yet.

Hyundai released the first official renders of the upcoming 2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid. The looks are shaper with a more aggressive presence, and it will have an edge over the gas-only models in terms of raw performance. Hyundai is keeping the core details under wraps but has promised that an advanced hybrid system is in the pipeline and that the car will offer a more “adventurous” experience overall. Testing has been underway for a while now, and it won’t be long before pricing and availability details are officially revealed.

Finally, Bionic Reading was making waves this week in the internet’s tech circle. The technique is simple, too: highlight the initial letters in words so that readers can quickly scan through them and let their brains fill in the rest. The goal is to help users learn fast and focus on what really matters instead of tiring the brain cells with exhaustive reading materials.

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