iOS 16 Tipped To Get A More Capable Lock Screen

Android phones have along been using some form of always-on display (AOD) functionality, and the Apple Watch does, as well. The idea behind this feature is that certain display panels can remain on even while using only a specific number of pixels. Because of this, you can display some information, like notifications or even the clock, without lighting up the whole screen. This can make the notification system on the lock screen more battery-efficient overall, even though having AOD does sip a bit of power while in use.

According to GurmanĀ in his latest PowerOn newsletter emailed to subscribers, this feature should have been launched with the iPhone 13 last year with the switch to LTPO TFT LCD displays capable of variable refresh rates up to 120Hz. In theory, it would have been possible to dial that down to 0 Hz, but the iPhone 13 Pro only got as low as 10Hz. This year may finally make that happen, and the analyst expects the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max to feature the AOD lock screen feature.

Additionally, Gurman also claims the lock screen may have new wallpapers sporting “widget-like capabilities.” He hasn’t been more forthcoming with details about this, but the claim isn’t surprising given Apple’s newfound love for widgets. Of course, these widgets may cause a hit on battery life, but we’ll have to see how it will play out with the AOD feature also in place.

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