12 Best Uses For Old iPads

If you ever dreamed of having a mobile movie player in the car as a kid, your old iPad could help you live out that dream. The iPad’s relatively large screen — when compared with a smartphone, at least — makes it perfect for playing video. Sure, you could simply hand it off to a passenger and let them hold it in their lap, but where’s the fun in that?

You’re not using this iPad anymore, so it doesn’t need to be mobile. You can make it a semipermanent fixture of your car. There are a number of affordable mounts that will hold your iPad in a stable location, (via Gadget Review). Some of them are intended to mount to the center console and be visible at an angle to the driver, but the potential for distraction might be too high for such a thing. We recommend using a mount that pins the iPad to the back of the driver or passenger seat, turning it into a media center for riders in the backseats.

Running a cable to your car’s charging port will give it unlimited power, at least while you’re driving. An aux adapter, Bluetooth connection to the car’s stereo, or a pair of AirPods takes care of the audio. Now your kids have the backseat entertainment center you wish you’d had.

If you, as the driver, want to enjoy the iPad’s functionality as well and you’re up for getting a little wild, check out this DIY project for mounting your iPad inside your car’s dashboard.

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