Google TV App Finally Launches On iOS

The home page is where users will get recommendations based on their viewing habits neatly arranged across sections and pulled from all of the active subscriptions, as well as the option to rate them to further refine the recommendations. Users can save content to a watchlist that they can access on all screens on which the Google TV experience is available, assuming the same account is used.

In the Highlights section, users can access relevant content such as reviews and news related to the content they’re watching. Another convenience is that the entire content library can go from mobile to large screen — complete with the watching progress in tow — thanks to the Continue Watching section on the For You page. There’s also a casting option that can be accessed from the top of the app’s home page.

The app likewise offers a virtual remote that can be used to control the Google TV interface on a larger screen like that of a television. Aside from navigating through the content feed, it can also be used to control media playback, summon the Google Assistant, perform search queries, and power the TV on and off. However, users need to go through a pairing process first in order to use the virtual remote available in the Google TV app.

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