How To Have Your Personal Info Removed From Google Search Results

The first step is to collect all of the website links (URLs) that contain the information you want to have removed. These URLs need to be direct links, not search results. So for example, you’ll want to grab the URL for the exact webpage that contains the information, and if there are images you want to remove you’ll need to include direct URLs for the photos in addition to the webpage URLs. Be sure to take screenshots of each webpage as well, so Google can see exactly where and what information is being displayed. You can submit up to 1,000 URLs per report.

Once all of your information is sorted, submit a removal request. Complete the forms for each URL you submit, being sure to select the “Personal info, like ID numbers” category and then the appropriate sub-category (bank account, government ID, etc). When you’re finished Google will send you an automated email to let you know the report was received, then it will start assessing everything.

In the event that more information is required, Google will contact you with specific instructions. Once a decision is made, Google will let you know what’s been decided. If your information is deemed worthy of removal, it will either disappear from all search results or be cut from searches that use your name and/or aliases specifically. If Google decides your info doesn’t meet the criteria for removal, it will explain why.

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