Microsoft’s New Surface Laptop Go 2 Starts At $599 But There’s A Catch

With the Surface Laptop Go 2, Microsoft has tried to address an issue that plagued its entry-level machine from the previous generation. Even the base variant of the Surface Laptop Go 2 now boasts 128GB of storage, a welcome upgrade over the paltry 64GB capacity that the older machines came with. What is also new is that the 128GB storage is enabled via an SSD on the base variant as opposed to slower eMMC storage in the first-generation model. Like its predecessor, the top variant of the machine continues to boast 256GB of storage.

While the addition of a larger capacity and faster storage is a welcome change, there is a catch: Microsoft continues to offer just 4GB of RAM on the baseline variant. Users do get the option to opt for 8GB RAM on the higher-priced variants. The Surface Laptop Go 2 also gets marginal updates in the graphics department with new Intel Xe Graphics. The machine continues to use a 12.4-inch touch-enabled display in the unusual 3:2 aspect ratio. This panel boasts a resolution of 1536 x 1024 pixels and is fairly bright, with a maximum brightness of 30 nits.

Microsoft offers the Surface Laptop Go 2 in three different trims, with all of them featuring an Intel 11th-gen Core i5 1135G7 processor. As outlined in one of our previous reports, the machine is also offered in a new color option called Sage, which joins the existing color options: Ice Blue, Sandstone, and Platinum.

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