The Simple AirPods Hack To Make Podcasts Sound Better

The trick is all in the Vocal Range setting on your iPhone or iPad, which will automatically adjust and filter your audio so that voices and vocals are played back louder. Essentially, it boosts the volume of non-instrumental elements to make them stronger and more clear.

All you have to do is open your device Settings, then scroll down and select Accessibility. From the Accessibility menu, select Audio/Visual and then look for Headphone Accommodations. You’ll need to toggle Headphone Accommodations, which will then open up additional options.

So now, under Headphone Accommodations, you’ll need to select Vocal Range and then adjust the slider beneath it. You can choose between Slight, Moderate, or Strong, and if you want to boost your podcast audio Strong is the way to go. With that done, all of your podcasts should come through stronger than ever.

If you ever want to turn this volume boost off, or make adjustments, just go back into the Headphone Accommodations sub-menu and move the Vocal Range slider. Alternately you can switch from Vocal Range to one of the other settings (Balanced Tone or Brightness), or toggle Headphone Accommodations off entirely to go back to your device’s default audio settings.

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