This Buick Wildcat EV Is The Astonishing Electric Car Concept Nobody Expected

Long, low, and sleek, it’s a far cry from the crossovers and SUVs that make up the bulk of Buick’s current range. It’s also entirely electric, another example of how General Motors’ Ultium architecture can be reshaped for different types of EV.

Ultium may have taken a while to reach the market, but we’re finally seeing just what GM’s platform can do. Designed to be super-flexible, it supports front, rear, and all-wheel drive vehicles, with the potential for more than the usual two electric motors. A scalable pouch-type battery design means its range can be adjusted, depending on market demands, vehicle size, and target price. In Cadillac’s Lyriq SUV, for instance, a 100 kilowatt hour battery is rated for up to 312 miles on a charge. With a battery more than twice that size, meanwhile, the bigger, heavy GMC Hummer EV could go up to 329 miles.

The Wildcat EV is, of course, more focused on design than propulsion. Buick isn’t talking about power, range, or details of that sort; the concept car can drive, though only at speeds of up to around 30 mph, with more focus on moving it from one exhibition space to the next rather than testing out the grip of the custom Michelin tires. Instead, the goal here is to explore how electrification can help upend what we think of as — and expect from — traditional vehicle design.

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