2023 Lexus RX Gives Controversial Grille An Even Weirder Makeover

As for trims, the 2023 RX will be split up six ways: Standard, Premium, RX-first Premium+, Luxury, F SPORT Handling, and an RX-first F SPORT Performance. The latter features a 2.4-liter turbo engine and six-speed automatic transmission. It also runs on the DIRECT4 AWD drivetrain, offering a speedy 367 HP and 406 lbs-ft. 

But there are several reasons for autophiles to get excited for the 2023 Lexus RX across all tiers. Lexus is promising a comfier ride, compared to its predecessors, while the underlying GA-K platform trims over 198 lbs of vehicle weight and offers increased leg room over the outgoing SUV as well. Of the powertrains offered in the new Lexus RX, the strongest MPG rating belongs to the RX 350h at 33 MPG, though the RX 500h F-SPORT Performance train still slides in at about 26 MPG.

Inside, the dashboard takes advantage of the 14-inch version of the new Multimedia Touchscreen Display, a welcome upgrade that sees Lexus ditch its little-loved trackpad and joystick in favor of a far more elegant voice and touch UI. The Lexus Safety System+ 3.0, meanwhile, will include a few critical safety features, such as collision detection that can register pedestrians and motorbikes. According to Lexus, the 2023 RX models will arrive in US dealerships by late 2022, with pricing to be confirmed closer to that point. 

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