Here’s How To Access The Hidden Windows 11 Start Menu

In order to access Windows 11’s secret Start menu, simply right-click on the Windows button at the bottom of the screen. You can also double-tap on the trackpad of a laptop to do the same. In case you love keyboard combos for all your computing needs, hit the Win + X combo to open Windows 11’s secret Start menu. As mentioned above, this hush-hush menu is a treasure trove of some neat utilities. 

The Power Options item takes you straight to the main Power & Battery dashboard, while the System tools let you quickly access the About page that shows all the key hardware information about your PC. For those who frequently tinker with core system elements like storage drives, network adapters, connected peripherals, and other input/output tools, the entire dashboard is just a click away in the Device Manager tool. For power users, this hidden Start menu also lets you quickly run a command line from the Run option, while the Windows Terminal for opening the Windows PowerShell is also a tap or click away.

Other useful quick actions that are listed on this lesser-known Windows 11 menu are Network Connections to quickly visit the Network & Internet dashboard, Task Manager, Disk Management, File Explorer and Computer Management. Unfortunately, Windows 11 doesn’t offer the luxury to customize the layout of its secret Start Menu. Moreover, it doesn’t support any drag-and-drag functionality for opening a specific item on another screen.

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