Replacing A Tesla Model X Windshield Could Cost More Than You Think

The total bill for the repairs done to the Tesla Model X was $1,597. This amounts to $1,311 for the part, $181 for the labor, and $105 for sales tax. Considering that replacing the windshield requires up to four people — two to remove the previous windshield and four to install the new one — the labor can be considered pretty inexpensive. However, the windshield itself is really not. Let’s compare the prices to some common non-EV vehicles.

According to Auto Glass Locator, the average cost of windshield replacement without insurance is around $375 in the U.S. This applies to standard vehicles. Of course, the price will vary based on many factors, ranging from your car make and model to how old it is, not to mention where you’re based. AutoGuide puts the average at anywhere between $200 and $401, based on data from various RepairPal car repair estimates. All things considered, even the high averages are much, much cheaper than replacing the windshield on a Tesla Model X.

Why are Tesla repairs so expensive in comparison? Tesla is a relatively new brand, which means there’ll be some time before the average vehicle repair specialist has all the knowledge they need to fix any Tesla issue with relative ease. Tesla vehicles aren’t nearly as abundant as their competitors, and as such, secondary sources for parts that work in and on Tesla vehicles aren’t quite so readily available as they are for the big brands. 

In the case of the windshield, the quality of the glass certainly contributes to the end cost. Some of the Tesla windshields are double-layered, as explained by Electric Car Pledge. The Cybertruck is also allegedly bulletproof, although as seen in the above video, the test conducted by Elon Musk in front of a live audience wasn’t very successful — the glass broke right away. Time — and Tesla’s success over the next few years — will tell whether the price of any repair to a vehicle made by the brand will go up or down for future drivers. 

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