Galaxy Watch Classic Demise May Have Just Been Confirmed By Samsung

Rumors have been swirling that Samsung will ditch the rotating bezel again on this year’s Galaxy Watch 5 series, and they’re mostly based on the unconfirmed claims that there won’t be a Galaxy Watch 5 Classic in the lineup. There will reportedly be a Galaxy Watch 5 and a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, but neither is believed to sport that unique rotating bezel.

Of course, that is mostly hearsay at this point, but the beta version of Samsung’s Health appĀ almost makes it official. According to 9to5Google, the app had added the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro to its list of supported devices … with no Classic name in sight. Additionally, both Galaxy Watch 5 models look more like the non-Classic Galaxy Watch 4, meaning they’ll likely support that capacitive bezel you can swipe around to scroll through lists and apps.

It’s hard to put complete faith in a beta app, but the Samsung Health app’s track record in accidentally revealing things like this makes it a bit more credible. There may also be significant reasons why Samsung is retiring this mechanical rotating bezel, most probably due to build costs and durability. Having a moving physical part, especially for a smartwatch, could be an invitation for disaster, and Galaxy Watch fans might just have to get used to a future without it. Hopefully, though, Samsung has perfected the capacitive bezel so that it won’t have showstopping issues at launch like in the past.

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