The Android Flashlight Hack You Should Know About

Quick Tap is available to the owners of most Google Pixel phones, but not all of them. If you own the Google Pixel 5, 4a 5G, Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, or Pixel 6XL, you’ll be able to use Quick Tap right this minute. Activating it is extremely simple: once you’ve programmed Quick Tap to your app of choice, all you have to do is double tap the back of your Pixel phone to launch the app. Similarly, tapping twice once again will close the app. Unfortunately, Quick Tap only works if your device is unlocked, so you can’t simply pull it out of your pocket and tap twice — you’ll have to unlock it, too.

You can set up your Quick Tap by going into Settings on your Pixel phone. Follow that up with “System,” then “Gesture,” and finally, “Quick Tap.” You’ll now be able to choose which app to bind to your double-tapping functionality. There’s plenty to choose from, including taking screenshots, pausing or playing songs or other media, launching Google Assistant, and if you have the latest Android 13 build, opening up the flashlight. Pick the one that suits you and save the changes.

Quick Tap is certainly a fun feature, even if it’s not much of a gamechanger. The fact that it only launches when your device is unlocked should ensure that you don’t suddenly have a flashlight shining out of your pocket. If it saves you even two or three steps that you usually need to take to launch an app, it will have succeeded in making your life a little bit easier. Once it makes its way to the main Android 13 build, it will be available to a larger group of users.

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