How To Fix Disney Plus Not Streaming In 4K

Your streaming settings may explain why Disney+ isn’t streaming in 4K on your device. Generally speaking, Disney+ automatically selects a resolution that’s best for not only your system but also based on your internet speeds. This means that if you don’t have a great deal of bandwidth, a lower connection quality may be selected and this could prevent you from streaming in Ultra HD.

In addition to automatically choosing the right resolution to play, Disney+ gives users the option of saving data by limiting how much of it can be used to stream videos on the platform (via Disney). You may have turned on this data-saver mode at some point without realizing it, causing your device to stream at a lower resolution. You can check whether that’s the case and adjust the setting within the Disney+ app on mobile, using a web browser, and through the smart TV app. The exact steps may vary slightly based on which device you use to adjust the settings.

  1. Open Disney Plus.
  2. Click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Go to App Settings.
  4. Tap either Wi-Fi Data Usage or Cellular Data Usage, the latter of which will only appear on mobile devices.
  5. Both settings have two options: Automatic and Save Data. If the Save Data option is selected, change it to Automatic.

Automatic will stream at the highest quality possible, meaning if 4K is available and your internet speeds can handle it, that’s what you’ll get. Keep in mind that these settings are saved for each device; this means that if, for example, you can stream on 4K on your TV but not on your smartphone, you may need to adjust this setting specifically in the mobile app.

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