LG’s Bizarre Ergo DualUp Multitasking Monitor Is Finally Available

Announced in December 2021, the 27.6-inch LG Ergo DualUp is actually the equivalent of two monitors stacked on top of each other, resulting in a 16:18 aspect ratio that is very odd by today’s standards. The 2560×1880 resolution means you have access to the equivalent of two 2560×1440 monitors while saving some horizontal space on your desk. This aspect ratio may not be great for spreadsheets that span dozens of columns, but it will work wonders for tasks like video editing where most of the tools occupy the bottom half of the app.

LG argues that this design is more ergonomic, and it’s reinforced by the company’s standard “Ergo” monitor features. That includes the C-clamp for hoisting the DualUp monitor above your desk and the ability to change the monitor’s height, tilt, and rotation. Yes, if you prefer something that’s just a bit wider, you can even rotate the display to its side.

The monitor also comes packing standard ports for a modern monitor despite its old-school design. The loadout includes dual HDMI ports, as well as a USB-C port that can provide 90W of power, which is enough to charge a laptop while in use. It’s a bit odd that it took LG half a year to finally launch this unique computer peripheral, but the Ergo DualUp is finally here and can be yours if you’re willing to part with $700 of your hard-earned cash.

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