The Biggest Features Coming To Mac

Continuity Camera is one of the most practically useful features to arrive with macOS Ventura, considering the fact the Mac cameras have lately been quite underwhelming, to put it mildly. With Continuity Camera, users can mount their iPhone atop a Mac and use its powerful triple-lens camera array as a high-resolution webcam.

The whole system works wirelessly, and there is no need to fiddle through any complex controls. Simply mount the iPhone atop a Mac using what looks like a MagSafe attachment stand, and launch the FaceTime app. All is good to go in a snap. However, the Continuity Camera trick that turns an iPhone into a webcam also works for third-party apps like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Webex. Google Meet support, however, was conspicuously missing from Apple’s WWDC presentation.

With an iPhone coming into the Mac webcam picture, some cool new tricks have also arrived. Users can enable the portrait mode to blur the background, Center Stage tracks the subject’s movement and keeps the speaker in the frame, while studio lighting brightens the subject foreground and darkens the background. The Desk View uses an iPhone’s ultrawide camera to show what’s happening on the desk with a split-screen view in FaceTime.

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