The Most Fun On Three Wheels

It’s actually unfortunate some of the most common places most people encounter a Slingshot are in cities like Las Vegas and New York. Driving anywhere with straight roads and regular stoplights, the three-wheeler feels a bit like a large dog desperate to run free while you’re there tightly gripping its leash. As soon as the light goes green, you’ll touch the gas, feel a fraction of the Slingshot’s power, and immediately have to lift your foot again as you’ve hit the city speed limit. At 30-35 miles per hour, the fun is just beginning. Any densely populated environment means it will probably stop there, too.

On an open stretch of highway, though, you’ll experience the Slingshot at its absolute best. If you take the Slingshot down some clear stretches of road where you can feel its sharp acceleration and push that back wheel as far as you dare in the corners, all of its flaws will melt away. All you’ll be left with is an incredible sense of joy. The slingshot is fun, really fun. So, it’s down to you to take it somewhere you can actually have that fun. I clocked up close to 350 miles during my two weeks with the Slingshot, and I took it on some of the best roads in Upstate New York. Sadly that didn’t involve getting it onto a track, but I suspect that if you really let it off the leash, this thing would be spectacular.

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