Google Pixel Feature Drop Lets You Remix Videos And Offers More At A Glance

One of the new Pixel phones’ signature features is the At a Glance widget that surfaces relevant information when and where you need it, either on your home screen or on your lock screen. June’s Feature Drop expands the available set of information to include your Nest Doorbell‘s video feed when someone rings it, Google said in a blog post. Soon, users in the U.S., Australia, and India will also be informed of the air quality in their regions so they can take necessary precautions or change their plans.

These days, vaccination cards are still required at entry points or establishments, but not everyone always has their card ready, costing precious time for themselves and for others. They do have their phones in their hands almost all the time, though, so Google is making it easy to create a shortcut to your COVID-19 vaccine card right on your home screen. No more fumbling in your bag or pocket and holding up the line for grumpy customers.

The Sound Amplifier app on the Pixel 3 and later is also getting an almost ironic new feature. The app is designed to amplify sounds for those with hearing impairments while also filtering out background noise. With the new Conversation mode that was previously in beta, users can simply point their Pixel phone at whoever is talking and have their voice amplified while filtering out other voices. That should make for less stressful meetings where people tend to talk at the same time, even when not relevant to what’s being discussed.

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