Nothing Phone (1) Display Might Be Nothing To Talk About

With very little officially known about the phone, other than its transparent back and wireless charging support, every little tidbit that comes out about the Nothing Phone (1) sparks interest and, in some cases, disappointment. But that might be the entire point of Nothing’s products as anti-thesis to the complexity of today’s smartphones. It might be made and designed to be simple and basic, which doesn’t sound exciting compared to the mainstream handsets.

Nothing is banking on the current minimalism trend to attract users who are tired of the complicated ways smartphones work and look these days. The beta preview of the Nothing OS launcher it released in April was not only barebones but also restricted. Of course, it was still in beta, but it already suggests how Nothing will put its vision into practice.

It remains to be seen how Carl Pei and his fledgling company will try to balance matters and avoid going to the opposite extreme of offering nothing. It will probably avoid focusing too much on the actual specs but on the design and experience of the phone, mirroring the strategy that Apple has been using for years. How that will sit with Android users is a very big question mark, especially when one can create their own minimalist experience on any phone anyway.

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