This Violent Crash Rattled The Nascar World

The violent crash left the Nascar world in an uproar, with the media covering it far and wide. Fans of racing, and more importantly, of Carson Hocevar, were all anxious to hear more about the wreck and the results of it. Although it seems that Hocevar’s life was never in danger, the accident looked pretty bad, and it was clear that he may have suffered serious damage to his foot. Although the driver has since provided his fans with two updates, it’s still too early to know how he is really doing, and the two messages are much different from each other in tone.

The first update came on the following day on Hocevar’s Twitter and looks to be an official statement. He thanked the fans for reaching out and said that he’s still “waiting on the specialists results on my ankle.” He finished it off by saying that he’s eager to get back behind the wheel, which is certainly a good sign. 

On June 7, Hocevar shared a more private update in the form of an Instagram story, which was later posted by Bob Pockrass on Twitter. The story definitely tugs at heartstrings — Hocevar shared a photo of himself from the day of the race alongside Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy” song. He wrote: “I am okay and alert, possibly more info tomorrow, please respect the privacy of it as I process it all and try to understand my own situation, thank you.”

All that remains now is to respect Hocevar’s wish and grant him the privacy he requests. Hopefully, his recovery will be swift and successful, and he will be back behind the wheel before long.

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