Apple Mixed Reality Headset May Have Been Hit With Another Delay

Kuo cites recent COVID-19 lockdowns in Shanghai as the primary cause of the alleged delay. These measures have affected the production capabilities of many suppliers, including the ones that Apple needs to make that headset. So contrary to the “consensus” of market analysts, the first “Apple View” headset might not be ready for a Q1 2023 launch.

What will likely happen instead is that Apple will formally announce the headset’s existence in January 2023, with dev kits following within a month after the event. Kuo predicts that pre-orders will start in the second quarter and that the headset itself will be available for direct purchase just a bit before WWDC starts next year. All these, however, are based on a timeline where the Engineering Verification Test (EVT) starts within the next three or four months.

Until then, don’t expect Apple to give any hints of the headset’s existence, except for perhaps a few choice teasers here and there. There might not even be any software tools available for developers until early next year to prevent any details from leaking out. In addition to Apple’s usual perfectionism, it is taking all precautions to avoid leaking any competitive information to its rivals, especially Meta, which has the largest stake in this field.

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