The Big Problem Dwayne Johnson Has With Modern Sports Cars

Luckily there are numerous tuning companies out there that can help with this problem (via Extend My Seat). Not only can they customize the layout of the car to accommodate taller or larger framed people, but they can even perform modifications to do things such as add more horsepower — not that most modern sports cars need the boost. This is a resource widely used by people like NBA players, so it’s the perfect solution for anyone who can afford it.

The criticism some may have about this solution is the fact that tall people who want sports cars have to go out and buy one, then also spend extra cash to have it customized to fit them. It doesn’t seem fair. However, there are reasons why most companies design sports cars to be so short and with low ground clearance, including to achieve a lower center of gravity for better handling at higher speeds. As well, and as with most things, these cars are designed to fit average height drivers because most consumers fall within that category. Sure, a company like Pagani could design a sports car to fit Dwayne Johnson, but it can’t expect to sell very many of those cars, which could hurt its profit margin. Perhaps someday an automaker will come along and designs fast sports cars targeted at people with larger builds.

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