The Reason You Shouldn’t Buy This Apple Watch

Now there’s more reason to stay away from the Apple Watch Series 3, despite its enticingly low asking price. Apple has officially listed on the aging smartwatch’s product comparison page that it won’t get to see another OS upgrade. Apple’s watchOS 9, the latest iteration of the company’s smartwatch operating system, is not coming to Apple Watch Series 3.

This latest version of the operating system introduces a ton of features such as new analysis metrics for runners, a more comprehensive suite of sleep tracking markers, and a new app for tracking medications. None of them will grace Apple Watch Series 3, which is reason enough to shy away from buying it at its retail price. Even if those features don’t matter to you, the deal still looks pretty bad, especially when a premium of $79 will net you the Apple Watch SE.

Aside from being compatible with watchOS 9, slated to roll out in the Fall, Apple Watch SE also offers a 30% larger display, supports the fall detection feature, allows users to connect multiple units with a single iPhone with family sharing, offers an improved second-generation optical heart rate sensor, and facilitates emergency international calling. As it is with all smart devices, with time comes obsolescence.

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