T-Mobile’s New 5G Hotspot Sounds Almost Too Good To Be True

T-Mobile advertises the new 5G hotspot as the most affordable way to access its countywide 5G network. This hotspot supports T-Mobile’s Extended Range 5G and Ultra Capacity 5G networks as well.

Compared to the older MiFi M2000 hotspot, the new 5G hotspot, manufactured by Quanta, sports a compact design. What is carried over from the older model is a small screen that displays vital information about the connection and battery status, along with the local time and the number of devices connected. The T-Mobile 5G Hotspot supports connecting up to 32 devices simultaneously, which is more than sufficient for even the largest of homes. In addition, the inbuilt battery has a capacity of 6460 mAh which guarantees seamless usage for hours together without having to worry about running out of power.

Those interested in getting hold of the T-Mobile 5G Hotspot can get the hardware for free if they commit to a two-year contract when adding a new line to T-Mobile’s 50 GB or 100 GB Mobile Internet plan. With a 5 GB Mobile Internet plan, users can get the hotspot for approximately $99. Apart from these two offers, existing T-Mobile consumers can get the hotspot for a monthly payment of $8.25 per month for two years. They also have the option to pay $198 upfront.

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