10 Best Uses For Old Flash Drives

There might be times when you need to use a computer or browse the web without anyone being able to track or see what you’ve done. Maybe you’re birthday shopping for a loved one or researching a book and don’t want your search terms visible to prying eyes. We don’t know what you’re doing, and we’re not here to judge, just don’t do anything gross or illegal.

Sure, you could use your browser’s incognito mode, but a persistent sleuth could still figure out what you were doing, and sometimes that just won’t do. That’s where Tails comes in. Tails is a standalone operating system that stands for The Amnesic Incognito Live System, and it does precisely what the name suggests, (via Privacy Affairs).

The overall process is similar to the one described above with Linus, only with added security. You’re going to want software to create a bootable USB flash drive. You can use YUMI, listed above, or find another option depending on your preferences. Then just install Tails on your flash drive.

Once installed on your flash drive, you can use it to boot the OS directly from the drive. It will encrypt all of your files and internet usage while in use. Then, once you remove the flash drive and shut down your computer, any trace of your activities vanishes into the ether as if they happened. Again, don’t be weird, use responsibly.

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