Why The Internet Is Raving About DALL-E Mini, A Free AI Tool That Converts Any Text To Art

Although DALL-E mini can certainly create some pretty pictures, it works based on math and algorithms with no artistry involved. The AI simply looks at countless images that best correspond to your query and then identifies patterns that are found in the majority of them. This includes shapes, colors, and captions. Through that, it learns how to create an image that fits your description, and voilà, there’s your dog driving a car. But of course, the internet has even better (often disturbing) ideas of what to do with DALL-E mini than your everyday average dog driving a car.

In the last few days, Twitter has been flooded with screenshots of DALL-E, showing just how much the software is growing in popularity right now. Some queries are innocent enough, and to DALL-E’s credit, they are fulfilled very well. As shown in the example above, “NASA to research UFOs” returned great results that look like a mix of the actual artwork and “The X-Files.” However, when it comes to showing actual faces, DALL-E falls a little flat, and the results can be disturbing as well as hilarious.

The tweet above marks a good example of how disturbing this tech’s output can be. The user searched for “Weezer in the backrooms.” If you stand very far from your screen and squint, it might look fine, but upon closer inspection, it’s complete nightmare fuel. Even in such cases, it’s certainly impressive what DALL-E is capable of. However, it’s worth noting that, although the tech is certainly advanced, it’s not as innovative as it might seem.

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