Bentley’s Newest Hybrid Has Some Serious Speed

There are two powertrain options available when it comes to the Bentley Flying Spur S Sporting Style. One is a 4.0-liter V8 that will get the car from 0 to 60 mph in just 4 seconds and is capable of getting the Bentley to 198 mph when going all out. The other is a hybrid, which packs a far smaller engine but doesn’t suffer much in terms of performance.

Also on offer is the kind of high-level luxury you’d expect from one of the world’s premier automobile brands. Bentley says the Flying Spur S Sporting Style interior can be clad in a choice of two-tone color splits, all of which are hand-crafted in its Crewe factory from “a combination of smooth hide and soft-napped Dinamica.” Buyers are also given a choice of what is embroidered into their headrests — the “S” emblem or the Bentley logo. The instrument panel’s graphics parallel Bentley’s Continental GT Speed.

The exterior, it says, will have an “athletic and understated look” featuring bumper grilles, dark-tinted headlamps, and rear lights, black quad tailpipe finishers, and distinctive S badging on the front fenders. The exterior is dark and lacks “bright polished metal” in a bid to “encourage the eye to take in the vehicle’s form and perceive it as lower and wider,” Two-wheel options, 22-inch with Y-shaped spokes and 21-inch tri-spoked, are also available with the Flying Spur S Sporting Style.

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