How Much Does It Cost To Import A Toyota Supra MK4 From Japan?

So, you’ve located your dream car, a ’90s-era Toyota Supra. You can’t wait to start it up and take it for a spin, but there’s just one problem: the car is in Japan and you have to get it imported first. What you thought would be the hard part is done, but now you actually need to have the car in your possession. Luckily, importing a car from Japan to the U.S. is easy, though it will cost you. 

The price to have any car imported from Japan varies depending on your state, but there are some general fees you can expect. One of the first things you’ll need to do — once you are sure the car is eligible to be shipped — is find a reliable Japanese auto importer, according to Schumacher Cargo Logistics. Whatever company you choose should handle the hard work; you only have to make some key decisions such as what state you’d prefer the car to be shipped to. Of course, the option remains to do all the work yourself, but as one experienced buyer told Jalopnik, the process can be far more difficult and frustrating if you try to import the vehicle without any expert help.

In terms of cost, this will start at about $2,000 per car imported to the U.S., though this price will change depending on things like the mode of transport for the car and where it’s being delivered. Your chosen importer — if you use one — will provide you with a quote. There are also other fees you should expect, including things like documentation fees, an escort fee, and taxes, according to a user on Supra Forums who spoke about the costs they paid to import a ’90s-era car from Japan. Also, since most importers will only ship to certain states, you’ll need to factor in travel costs to retrieve the vehicle, assuming you don’t live in a major port city like Miami.

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