Why You Need To Start Using A Password Manager

Before we talk about password managers, here’s what we mean by strong passwords. A strong password is unique and has uppercase letters, lowercase letters, digits, symbols, and anywhere between 12 to 30 characters (via Wired). Passwords like that are virtually unbreakable, and password managers randomly generate and store them for you. When you sign up for a website or an app, your password manager will suggest a strong password and secures it in an encrypted vault. Even if someone gains access to your password manager and its vault, the passwords would be indecipherable.

When you revisit the same website or app, the password manager will auto-fill your credentials, making logins convenient. The passwords are also synced across all of your devices, so even when generating and storing passwords on one device, you can let the password manager remember and fill in your login details on other devices. With that said, keep in mind that some desktop-based managers encrypt and store passwords locally without syncing.

Most password managers also flag weak or hacked passwords that must be strengthened. They have features that notify you if any of your saved passwords were compromised in a data breach. Plus, a password manager protects you from phishing attacks because it will not allow autofill for a fake webpage.

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