How To Upgrade To Windows 11 Without A Microsoft Account

Reddit user Gamerminstrel noticed a key message that appears during the Windows 11 setup process, one that says you can, of course, only sign in to a Microsoft account if your PC is connected to the internet. The user explains that simply disconnecting the setup process from the internet will allow users to create a local account instead of being forced to create a Microsoft account.

A command prompt can be used to terminate the connection. The prompt window can be opened by holding down shift and f10 during the Windows 11 setup process. From there:

  1. Type in ipconfig /release (note the space between ipconfig and the slash) and hit Enter

  2. Close the Command Prompt box and click back in the setup process

  3. The option to create a local account should now be available

  4. Click Create a Local Account and proceed with the setup

The Command Prompt severs your computer’s connection to the internet by essentially making it forget how to connect. Once the setup process is complete, you can restore your connection by opening the Command Prompt (shift + f10) again and typing “ipconfig /renew” before clicking enter — or by simply restarting the computer. Reddit user AppropriateEvent6446 also claims any of the following command prompt entries will allow you to bypass Windows 11’s internet requirements: “oobebypassnro,” “oobe /bypassnro,” “oobe/bypassnro,” and “cd oobe (press enter, then) –> bypassnro.cmd.”

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