Nothing Phone (1) Revealed With Truly Noteworthy Design

The official reveal gives us a healthy look at the Nothing Phone (1), including its design, the camera orientation, and reaffirmed support for wireless charging suggested by the coil on the back. The phone comes clad in gray and white with silver accents that break the monotony. While the back panel appears to comprise several sections, the possibility of a previously rumored transparent back isn’t exactly ruled out. The undefined caricature first revealed at Nothing’s March 2022 event now somewhat makes sense.

The dual-camera module is bound to remind one of the linear camera arrangement of the iPhone 12 or the iPhone X. This is not to implicate the Nothing Phone (1) attempts to copy the iPhone models but the company’s verbiage has always revolved around themes similar to those of Apple, including a simple yet effective design and ease of use.

Besides revealing the design of the back panel, the teaser does not offer much information about the specifications. In classic OnePlus fashion, we can expect the details to be revealed bit-by-bit in the days leading up to the launch in July 2022. Meanwhile, a flurry of leaks has given us some insight into what the phone houses.

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