Today’s Wordle Answer #362 – June 16, 2022 Solution And Hints

If you’ve scrolled down to this point, that means you haven’t figured it out yet. Well, the solution for Wordle #362 is the word apron. Worn by chefs and occasional cooking aficionados alike, the word apron traces its roots to the French word naperon or napron. Over time, the words “a napron” underwent a linguistic process called rebracketing and became “an apron.” 

For example, the phrase “an eke name,” which translates to “an additional name” in Middle English, became “neke name.” Over time, the spelling changed and it transformed to become the word nickname with a similar audible flow of pronunciation as its root words. Throughout history, sacred aprons are said to have been worn by Egyptian pharaohs, Assyrian priests, and the Greek fertility goddesses of Crete. During the Middle Ages, aprons came to be worn by homemakers and workers alike.

The Masonic aprons, on the other hand, trace their history all the way back to the Book of Genesis from the Old Testament. In the modern age, aprons come in different shapes and sizes, from bibs to full-body aprons with badges to signify a specific position. Of course, they also protect your favorite tee from getting soiled in the kitchen. You can read more about the fascinating artistic significance of aprons here.

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