How To Play Steam Games On Your Chromebook

According to PC World, only a handful of Chromebooks are powerful enough to support Steam gaming. Furthermore, the selection of games available to play on the Chromebook version of Steam is limited, as well. Take note that only the following Chromebook models are compatible with Steam at the time of writing: the Acer Chromebook 514, Acer Chromebook 515, Acer Chromebook Spin 713, Asus Chromebook Flip CX5, Asus Chromebook CX9, HP Pro c640 G2 Chromebook, and Lenovo 5i-14 Chromebook. You’ll need to update your Chromebook to the latest developer (Dev) build, which can be done by navigating to your Chromebook’s Settings, then to About ChromeOS > Additional Details > Change Channel. After that, follow these steps:

  1. Type “chrome://flags#borealis-enabled” into your browser’s URL bar after updating to the latest Dev build. 
  2. Restart the Chromebook.
  3. Press Ctrl + Alt + T at the same time to bring up your system’s terminal window.
  4. Type the command “insert_coin volteer-JOlkth573FBLGa” in the terminal, then hit enter. This will initiate the Steam setup process.

The collection of Steam games available on Chromebook is limited in comparison to the scope of games that exist across Steam’s massive catalog, but there are enough classics on the list to make gaming on a Chromebook worthwhile for those who do not own an expensive console or gaming PC. Such classics include “The Witcher 3” and “Half-Life 2,” to name just a couple.

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