Today’s Wordle Answer #364 – June 18, 2022 Word Solution And Hints

If you haven’t wrapped your mind around the answer yet, today’s Wordle solution is cacao. The word is a direct import from the Spanish language and, in turn, derived from the word “cacahuatl” in the Classical Nahuatl script. Cacao is extracted from the cacao tree — also known by its scientific name: Theobroma cacao. The genus name is derived from the Greek language, in which “theo” means god, while the “broma” part signifies food. Ask any chocolate lover, and they would gladly label the sweet delicacy as a food worthy of the gods. 

Cacao refers to the namesake tree and the beans extracted from the yellow fruit, while the roasted beans go by the name cocoa. Add a dash of sugar and some spices to it, and you get chocolate — and milk to it, and you get the treat known as milk chocolate. The knowledge of chocolate first arrived in Europe in the 16th century as a beverage for the Spanish royalty, and within a century, England and France also cultivated a taste for it. 

In the Mayan civilization’s history, it was believed that their gods brought cacao with them to Earth. In fact, they even held an annual festival to honor the cacao god named Ek Chuah. In Aztec legends, it was the deity Quetzalcoatl who discovered cacao in the mountains. Coming to the modern age, the cacao powder is not merely used for whipping up delicacies, but it also has numerous documented medicinal benefits.

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