The Big Myth About Tesla You Need To Stop Believing

When it comes to charging, you get plenty of options when driving a Tesla, so you don’t have to worry about running out of place to charge while on the road. You can either pay for charging at one of Tesla’s 30,000 Supercharger stations worldwide or 1200 Supercharger stations in the U.S., or you can recharge at one of the thousands of level-2 destination charging stations owned by businesses such as hotels and property owners around the country (via Solar Reviews).

The difference between the two is that Supercharger stations are made with long-distance driving in mind. When you charge your Tesla there, your car is injected with a powerful 480-volt charge that lasts for hundreds of miles. They also charge quickly. In 15 minutes, you have enough to last 200 miles. While you can find them in every state, huge clusters are mostly found in California, New York, and Florida (via U.S. News). On the other hand, destination charging stations can take several hours to charge up your vehicle and are good for overnight trips at hotels or while you are eating at restaurants (via Tesla).

The best part about these stations is the price. You can charge up and drive for as little as nine dollars, which is much less than a tank of gas these days. Admittedly, however, even if gas-powered cars are expensive to drive, they are more convenient for road trips because you can fill-up your tank almost anywhere you go. But, with a little extra planning, a road trip with a Tesla can be just as fun.

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