The GMC Hummer EV’s Unique Feature That Uses Body Heat Energy

Despite weighing 8,976 pounds, the Hummer EV goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds, about 1.1 seconds faster than the outrageous RAM 1500 TRX, possibly making it the quickest pickup truck (electric or otherwise) the world has ever seen. It also has a remarkable feature that recaptures heat from everywhere in and around it to help save energy, a similar innovation also found in other EVs from Tesla and Polestar.

According to General Motors’ press release, all Ultium-based electric cars like the Hummer EV come standard with a unique energy recovery system. It comprises a heat pump that captures waste heat to increase the vehicle’s range, reduce battery consumption for HVAC heating, and increase the charging speed. Furthermore, the heat pump enables sportier driving, particularly the Hummer EV’s much-lauded Watts-to-Freedom (WTF) mode. When engaged, WTF mode lowers the vehicle and primes the energy recovery system to heat the batteries in preparation for full attack mode.

The heat pump gathers heat from the EV batteries, power electronics, and humidity inside the vehicle and stores it for future use. GM explicitly said the system recaptures and stores body heat from passengers, too, and the stored heat allows the system to warm the cabin during winter quicker while producing up to 10% more driving range. In addition, active heating means Ultium vehicles can recharge their batteries more efficiently.

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