This Six-Figure Maserati Track Day Was A Wake-Up Call For Performance Cars

There are many ways to go fast, but it’s still hard to beat a car designed specifically for that purpose. The Maserati MC20 proves that supercars do live up to the hype, although its price, rarity, and impracticality mean few will get to experience the difference.

Consequently, sports sedans and performance SUVs are still appealing. The Ghibli Trofeo and Levante Trofeo can be normal cars when you need them to be, and tools for hooliganism when you want them to be. Their 580-hp engines will provide more than enough entertainment away from the track.

Market forces mean we’ll likely see more vehicles like the Levante and fewer like the Ghibli in the future. Porsche and Lamborghini, as well as BMW M and Mercedes-AMG, all have their own performance SUVs as well. But despite the collective will of car buyers and automaker accountants backing the concept, and the best efforts of engineers, an SUV will never be as agile as comparable sedan. That’s still the way to go for practical performance.

If driving enjoyment is the only concern, though, the MC20 is the clear choice of the three. Then again, given its other compromises, Maserati’s supercar would be a failure if it wasn’t.

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