Samsung Launches A New 200MP Camera Sensor With The Industry’s Smallest Pixels

With a size of 1/1.4-inches and a pixel size of 0.56μm, the HP3 sensor is quite a bit smaller than the HP1, which was a 1/1.22-inch sensor with a pixel size of 0.64μm. This 12% reduction in pixel size while keeping the same native resolution has also resulted in a sensor that is physically smaller than the HP1. Given this sizable difference, the HP3, according to Samsung, will require far less room (a reduction of up to 20%, as Samsung claims) within the smartphone body where real estate is at a premium.

Newer additions to the ISOCELL HP3 sensor include a new feature called the Super QPD autofocus mechanism in which individual pixels on the sensor have the ability to autofocus. Samsung claims this mechanism will enable even faster and more accurate autofocus. It remains to be seen how different or better this system is compared to Samsung’s already sound Dual Pixel AF system. The HP3 sensor is also said to offer improved HDR performance and with the help of pixel binning, it can capture 50MP shots or 12.5MP images. In addition, the sensor supports 4K video capture at up to 120fps and the encoding of 8K videos at 30 fps, with minimal loss in the field of view.

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