The 5 Best Deals From The Meta Quest Summer Sale

Technically this is three games, but the Meta Quest Summer Sale includes the biggest range of “Star Wars” discounts since May 4. The entire three-episode “Vader Immortal” bundle is available for $20.99, which is 29% off. “Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge” and its DLC pack have had 28% knocked off their retail price and are now $24.99. Finally, for those who like “Star Wars” but balk at the idea of swinging a virtual lightsaber or offing stormtroopers with a virtual blaster, there is “Star Wars Pinball” available for $17.99.

“Vader Immortal” may not be the best “Star Wars” game ever released, but it is one of the best VR experiences currently available. The main storyline sees the player, a smuggler, captured by an Imperial ship. After messing around with an artifact, Vader himself takes an interest in you. For those interested in mild spoilers (if you aren’t, skip the rest of this paragraph), what follows over the three episodes is a prison break, shootout, lots of cave exploration, tomb raiding, galactic, a battle involving a droid army, and a lightsaber duel with the big man himself.

The other “Vader Immortal” game mode is the lightsaber dojo, and that really is where the limitless fun begins. You get to wield a lightsaber while you’re attacked from all sides by robots. Some of them shoot at you, while others engage you in melee combat. You defend yourself by deflecting blaster bolts, using the force, and just lobbing your lightsaber at things. It’s great fun and endlessly replayable. “Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge” is based on the Disney park with the same name; it places you in the role of a pirate-battling repairman. “Star Wars Pinball VR,” meanwhile, is exactly what you think it is.

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