Transformers AR Game From Pokemon GO’s Niantic Canned Before Launch

Bloomberg reports that a couple of undesirable changes are taking place inside the company, citing an internal email reportedly sent to employees. Four AR projects have been given the boot, including “Transformers: Heavy Metal,” which was announced almost exactly a year ago. “Hamlet,” a collaboration with British theater company Punchdrunk, is also one of the … Read more

The 5 Best Ways To Stop A Drone

The least complicated — and probably least expensive — way to deal with a troublesome drone is to file a complaint with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). If somebody’s using a drone to do something illegal, possibly immoral, or that could pose a danger to others, you can report the incident to the FAA and … Read more

How To Limit RAM And CPU Usage In Opera GX

If you haven’t already, head to the official Opera website to download and install the Opera GX browser. Once installed, Opera GX will walk you through the setup process. It’s now ready to stop runaway CPU and RAM use. Opera-based browsers come with a slightly different UI than Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Opera GX has a … Read more