12 Best Uses For Old iPads

If you ever dreamed of having a mobile movie player in the car as a kid, your old iPad could help you live out that dream. The iPad’s relatively large screen — when compared with a smartphone, at least — makes it perfect for playing video. Sure, you could simply hand it off to a … Read more

Why The MiSTer Is The Best FPGA Gaming Device You Can Buy

Aside from notably improved authenticity over software emulators, MiSTer offers a much simpler and more approachable user-interface experience when loading up your console cores — that is, once you get the thing fully configured. The latter part is a bit more complicated when compared to the setup process for any regular console, especially since this … Read more

2023 BMW X1 Brings Bolder Style And Standard AWD

This vehicle has its own in-car digital assistant and its infotainment system is powered by OS8 software that takes full advantage of the vehicle’s large curved display. The updated transmission system also paves the way for coasting in each drive mode except Sport mode. Talking about modes, the 2023 X1 comes with a My Modes button (offering … Read more

What Really Happens At The Edge Of The Universe?

You may be thinking about the “edge” of the universe as a point at which you could turn around and see a zoomed-out view of everything — every galaxy, every planet, every star, and so forth. But this probably isn’t the right way to approach this concept, at least not according to Space, which explains … Read more

How To Enable Dark Mode On Windows 11

Dark mode can be enabled in any version of Windows 11, and it’s simple enough that anyone can do it. Even better, you can toggle the dark mode off at any time if you decide you don’t like it, making it worthwhile to try it out for a day or two and see whether your … Read more

How To Clear The Cache On Xbox Series X

A modern-day gaming console like Xbox Series X is — behind the stylized casing — very similar to a computer, with a powerful graphics processing unit and on-device storage. Just like a computer stores some information in its cache for accessing it quickly, then, so too does the Xbox Series X. Generally, that can include … Read more