Xiaomi 12 Ultra May Feature Rare Leica Logo

To say that Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship is camera-centric is probably an understatement. The camera bump on its back is ginormous and already elicits some negative feedback. The risk is actually bigger for Leica since its brand is associated with high-quality designs and materials. Conversely, sporting the camera maker’s logo will pretty much be a rubber … Read more

Are You Really Saving Gas Money With Your EV?

In October 2021, the Anderson Economic Group released a report that compared the costs of gasoline vehicles against EVs and concluded that electric vehicles can be more expensive than fuel vehicles. However, when compiling the report, the Anderson Group used data for EVs mostly charged using commercial charging stations. The group also added hidden costs … Read more

Will These New Instagram Reels Toys Make You Leave TikTok?

Among the most significant changes to Instagram Reels will be its newfound ability to utilize features like polls, quizzes, and emoji sliders. While not entirely new, the ability to use these overlays, until now, was limited to Instagram Stories. With this update, that ability will also be open to creators who make Reels. Another major … Read more

How To Use The Handwriting Feature On Android

First of all, make sure your Gboard app is on its latest version. If not, you can download the update from the Google Play Store. Since Google’s handwriting-to-text keyboard is hidden within the Gboard app’s settings, you need to summon it by tapping on an empty text space. You only need to do the steps … Read more

How To Fix When Your iPhone Can’t Find Bluetooth Devices

If your Bluetooth device still doesn’t connect to your iPhone, it might be time to restore the smartphone’s network settings back to their default. That erases all the data and settings related to VPN connections, cellular and Wi-Fi connections, and Bluetooth devices linked to your iPhone (via Apple). It can also help if your iPhone … Read more

iPadOS 16 Could Give Apple’s iPad Its Most Controversial Update

Bloomberg’s report claims that iPadOS 16 “will expand upon” the multitasking interface that is currently available on the latest version of iPadOS. The upcoming update will reportedly introduce new ways to run multiple applications simultaneously. It would be interesting to see how those changes are implemented, considering the fact that Apple’s tablets now come in … Read more

The Reason The iPod Hi-Fi Was A Failure

Dropping the iPod Hi-Fi after 18 months, especially when it was fairly well-received at launch, was an unexpected move for Apple. If people liked it and it was selling relatively well, why shutter the project so soon? Basically, while it was selling some units, it wasn’t quite selling enough. A number of factors likely contributed … Read more